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October 1-3, 2015

Toronto Homecoming connects great people and great companies

In order for the Toronto Region to flourish, it is essential to attract and retain top talent; yet many of our region’s top leaders and innovators leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere, often never to return. Toronto Homecoming, an exclusive networking event, connects Canadians working abroad (and those with ties to Canada) with professional opportunities in the Toronto Region. Our main industry streams of focus include Financial & Professional Services, Technology (including Telecom and Start-ups), and Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods.

Applications are now open until May 31st! Toronto Homecoming 2015 takes place on October 1 – 3 at the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

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“Toronto Homecoming was the perfect catalyst to help make my goal of moving to Toronto a reality.”

– 2013 Participant

Toronto Homecoming is designed to help our city flourish

Toronto Homecoming is a program of the Toronto Region Board of Trade. With five successful events behind us, Toronto Homecoming 2015 promises to be better than ever. We bring together Canadians (and people with strong ties to Canada) working abroad with top companies in Toronto who are looking to hire talent with global work experience.  These companies are our corporate partners and appreciate the perspective that living and working abroad can bring. We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved. Toronto Homecoming has a broad international reach, having received applications from hundreds of people from dozens of countries across the globe.

Toronto Homecoming was founded by a group of volunteers through an initiative of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance‘s Emerging Leaders Network. The goal is to attract and retain emerging leaders & innovators to Toronto and to ensure that Toronto remains a viable choice in an increasingly challenging competition for talent in the global village.

Toronto Homecoming is a program of the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Connecting Great People and Great Companies

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